A SCUBA Success

Hello Dear Readers!

Do you see that title up there? Do you?


That’s right. I successfully scuba dived!

It’s a wonder what peer pressure will do for you. After leaving Airlie Beach, I had literally one day in Cairns before heading over to Alice Springs (and the Outback). After my most recent failure at scuba diving (not two days before) I was content to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. But I don’t know, maybe I was all jazzed up about the skydive, or maybe I couldn’t bear the look of incredulous disappointment on Katie and Shuaib’s faces when I told them I wasn’t going to dive, but I went ahead and signed up for scuba diving. Again. Third time’s the charm?

And it was!

This last time I was able to hold the panic at bay. It helped that it was a really simple beginner’s dive, and I clutched the instructor’s arm the entire time I was doing it, but scuba dive I did. Not just once, twice.


It went so well that the instructor suggested I get open water dive certified. Lol.

Anyway, we had a fantastic time, and after the two dives were over, we still had plenty of time to snorkel, which we spent looking at fish and attempting to teach Shuaib how to dive underwater, which was…less than successful.



But Katie and I looked good.

-Carissa “Scuba Master” Rawson


2 thoughts on “A SCUBA Success

  1. So great to read this!!! I LOVE diving, but also used to suffer badly from claustrophobia (and it did effect my every day life) and had a panic attack whilst diving once… but it’s still my favourite thing in the world and I persevered to get myself back in, and now I feel back in my mojo underwater!

    Anyway – SO glad you got to enjoy it!! There’s a great facebook book called ‘girlsthatscuba’ which I’d recommend joining if you feel you might want to do more, share your experience, etc! ALL levels (and people that have never dived, but want too..) on there!

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